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Comprehensive Dryer Repair in the Greater Toronto Area

All Star Appliance Parts and Service knows that dryers are used very frequently, especially in homes with large families. Your dryer may break down and need repairs due to this constant use. Our technicians can perform dryer repairs in the GTA for problems related to:

  • Spinning

  • Drying

  • Starting

  • Continuing operation

Gas and Electric Dryer Repairs

Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, our team has the parts and can repair your dryer. We will look for the root cause of your problem, whether the motor burned out, the thermal fuse stopped working, or (in the case of gas dryers) the gas line became blocked. We use our knowledge and more than 42 years of experience to ensure comprehensive dryer repairs and correct installations.

If you have questions about your appliances or would like to schedule a repair service, please call All Star Appliance Parts and Service at 905-857-7777 or email us at We will help you determine the problem with your dryer and find a solution at a reasonable cost.

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