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Stove & Range Repair in Caledon

Gas and electric stoves need constant repair and maintenance to ensure they are running properly. When not working correctly, at best you would not be able to cook dinner but at worst your family could be in danger. To ensure safety and a timely meal, you need to hire a professional to maintain and repair your gas or electric stove.

All Star Appliance Parts and Service offers expert stove and range repair for Caledon and the Greater Toronto Area 905. We are sure to fix the issue quickly and offer advice on how to maintain a working stove. Gas and electric stoves require very different parts and repairs, so when you call us be sure to tell us the brand, model number, and serial number. Given that information, our All Star technicians will come to your home ready to make the proper repairs.

Safe Range Repair 

While some stove issues are easy to repair, like the position of the burners, some require more finesse. To prevent any hazards our technicians follow strict guidelines when repairing gas and electric stoves. We can repair your range — including burners, lights, and heating elements — safely and precisely to get your stove working quickly.

Call Us in the Caledon Area

Call All Star today for a free appliance diagnosis over the telephone where possible or to schedule your range repair appointment in Caledon or surrounding areas.

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